What are executive suites?

Executive suites provide office space with flexible terms and more services than conventional office space. You rent a private office and share common areas such as the lobby, conference and meeting rooms, and break/kitchen areas. You also share a receptionist, copiers, and other office equipment. Our facility is finished with high-end decor, furniture, and amenities.

We offer a Business Service Center with corporate-style amenities, atmosphere and technology without a large up-front investment. The services include personalized telephone answering services, high speed Internet access, mail services, and administrative or clerical support. We even brew complementary gourmet coffee for you and your clients.

Who uses our executive suites?

Both large corporations and small businesses are using our executive offices to meet their office needs. The flexibility, services, and overall value offered by executive suites make them a sensible office solution. Start-up and small businesses, consultants, financial services professionals, sales representatives, and regional or satellite offices all find our executive offices to be a cost-effective option for obtaining the professional services and image they need without the high costs that usually come with them.

Companies whose office space needs to change frequently due to seasonal sales, a rapidly changing marketplace, or rapid expansion find that we offer the flexibility to accommodate their needs. Large companies use office business centers for satellite offices or when they need quick space as they enter a new market.

Finally, home-based businesses and mobile executives use our virtual office features like having a secure a mailing address, phone answering, and an as-needed workspace and meeting place.

Are there cost advantages to using an executive suite?

Taking advantage of a fully equipped executive suite space can provide huge financial and time savings. An “instant office” eliminates most of the start-up costs associated with traditional office space, and can be ready for immediate move-in. Monthly costs are greatly reduced through the shared services and spaces included with the monthly fee. These shared items also have tremendous time savings because you do not have to spend your time managing and maintaining them.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office provides all of the benefits of a full-time office, without the full-time office. We provide your business with a phone number, business mailing address, reception services, and use of our conference room and courtyard meeting areas. A virtual office is a great alternative for home-based businesses, mobile executives, and sales representatives based out of the area.

Virtual memberships and daily office and meeting spaces offer many of the same services. In addition, our staff is available to assist you with document preparation, data processing, bulk mailing, filing, desktop publishing, and other administrative tasks on an as-needed basis.

Do you charge by square foot?

Our offices prices are not based on square footage. The cost is primarily based on location, view, number of users per office, services, and size. We have large offices which have water and fountain views and small offices without exterior windows. Our single offices range from 120-sf to 350-sf and can be combined and linked together to create offices of any requirement. We have no two offices which are alike.

Our prices range between $650 and $1,450 per month for a fully serviced office. Please call us to check our availability.

What is the required lease term?

Rather than a multi-year lease generally required for conventional office space, our clients have the flexibility to sign a lease which fits their needs. Leases are available for as short as three months.

What’s included in the reception services?

During business hours (8am-5pm Mon-Fri), our professional receptionist will answer your calls with a personalized greeting, let you know who is calling, and forward the call to you or to your voice mail. If you are working out of the office, we can forward your calls to your home phone, cell phone, or any phone number you provide. We can answer general questions about your business such as your mailing address, fax number, or basic services you provide.

For your guests, Heritage Village Executive Offices will give them a warm greeting, let you know they have arrived, and make them comfortable in our waiting area or conference room, until you are able to see them.

You’ll never have to stay home waiting for a package again, because we will receive all incoming mail and packages for you and provide you with a private and secure mailbox. We can also assist you with outgoing mail and express shipping needs.

Do you provide the furniture?

Our offices come unfurnished. We do offer a few fully furnished suites. Typically, most tenants bring their own furniture and decorate their office in the style which suits their own business tastes. We do however have an on-site office furniture company that can provide affordable business furniture and provide you with a complementary space and furniture plan.