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Our hosted office space can save you time and money. With a shared infrastructure and use of our Business Service Center our tenants only pay for the services they need, when they need them. With a hosted office space you will avoid all of the startup costs of buying new equipment and hiring a private office staff.
As a part of our Productivity Made Simple motto we also offer all-inclusive monthly billing. This unifies all your business office expenses into one monthly invoice, saving you time and money throughout the year. When it comes time to do your taxes, all your office and office services costs are readily available and easy to understand. There is no need to spend hours paying all your vendors and employees and saving all their paperwork.Below is a detailed explanation of the benefits of sharing business services:

Client Services HVO Business Service Center Traditional Office Start Up
Telecommunication Service
Telephone Service included Office staff salary $32,110 annually (average cost)
Phones lines cost $2,850 annually (average)
Phone set-up $180 (average)
+ Most phone companies require a 2-year contract for commercial service
Call Answering & Transfer included
Voicemail included
Multi-Line Office Phone included
Telephone Installation & Maintenance included
Technical Services
High Speed Internet Service included $18,240 annually for internet access with a router
+ Most companies require a 2-year contract for
commercial internet services
$60,000 annually to employee an IT staff member or
$99/month to hire an outside IT company
Internet Installation included
Technical Support included
Conference Room Services
Small Conference Room Rental $25/hour Set up averages $11,400 for furniture and equipment
+ Maintenance & cleaning costs
Large Conference Room Rental $25/hour
Lunch Room or Kitchen included  
Shipping Services
FedEx/Overnight amount + 25% Postage machine $798 equipment cost
UPS amount + 25%
USPS amount + 20%
Secretarial Services
Scanning(to email or hard drive) $0.10/page Office staff salary $32,110 annually (average cost)
$500 initial equipment investment
$200 (average cost) paper/month
$150 (average cost) toner/month
$50 (average cost) fax line/month
Outgoing Calls – Nationwide $.05/minute
Faxing (outgoing) $1.00/page
Faxing (incoming) $0.50/page
Copies (black/white) $0.20/page
Copies (color) $0.50/page
Campbell Fitness Center $70/year not offered